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ChannelStrip Pro

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ChannnelStrip Pro is a modeled tube preamp with high-/lowpass filters, 3 band EQ, compressor and oscilloscope for Ableton Live 11.
Controlling dynamics with saturation is an often overlooked technique in music production. ChannelStrip Pro is intended as an end-of-chain effect with smooth modeled tube saturation combined with an oscilloscope to monitor how the waveform is compressed. The integrated 3-band equalizer will furthermore help you apply gentle, unobtrusive tone-shaping, while the compressor will give you even more options for envelope-shaping. A safety clipper at the end of the signal chain protects against overshooting peaks.
Included with this purchase is the mastering edition ChannelStrip Pro ME which has the same features as the standard edition while being massively oversampled, making it ideal for mastering situations (beware, it's a total CPU hog!).

Even as a simple distortion effect, equalizer or compressor, ChannelStrip will make a great addition to Ableton's stock plugins.

To try some of the features, get the free basic version ChannelStrip.


  • Oversampled modeled tube saturation with character control
  • High-/lowpass filters with gentle slope
  • Unobtrusive 3-band equalizer with adjustable crossover-frequencies
  • Compressor with adjustable attack and release rates
  • Safety-clipper at the output
  • Oscilloscope with adjustable sample-size

Runs with Ableton Live 11 on 64bit Mac (Intel/Apple Silicon) or Windows systems.


  • Version 1.2
    • added missing Apple Silicon binaries
  • Version 1.1
    • optimized CPU utilization (load approximately cut in half!)
    • smaller device file footprint
  • Version 1.0
    • initial release
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ChannelStrip Pro

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